Well you can’t just not go?

Saturday’s ‘ adventure’.
My car has no MOT so we went anyway.

Cycle to Kew. 2 Miles
Train to Willesden Junction
Get off train.
Cycle to Willesden Green – 4 Miles.
No train service. Replacement bus not possible due to bike.
Cycle to Pinner – 7 Miles.
Train to Amersham.
Couldn’t get off platform – no lift.
4 person carry over a bridge – thanks guys, and Wendy.
Cycle to gig – 6 miles of hills – proper Chiltern ones.


Cycle to Chesham at midnight – 7 Miles. Caught last train.

Train to only destination- Harrow on the Hill
No lift. No one at all to help.

Train to Hillingdon because they actually had a lift.
Cycle from Hillingdon at 1am. 10 Miles.

Back at 2.15am.

My girlfriend ( who doesn’t normally use a bike ) did 35 miles on Saturday, and didn’t complain once. She was practically falling asleep on the bike towards the end, poor thing. Her skirt wasn’t exactly cycling attire, as we hadn’t predicted all the train cancellations and network chaos.

Because nothing like this ever bothers me, because it’s a case of ‘do it or give up and don’t go ‘ and I don’t entertain the second option, I’m always up for the journey.

I’m very impressed by her, and her fitness, and her total calm at all times.I don’t  even know another female, other than Anna, that I used to race with years ago, who wouldn’t at some point have just given up/ broken down/ had a hissy fit or cried ( all actually fairly reasonable reactions in the circumstances)

To then be thanked ‘ for a lovely weekend ‘  ( which to me it was ) was just lovely, if not unexpected…

Top girl, my girlfriend!

To compare and contrast Wendy’s approach with that of

The Ihaven’thadabreakalldayfromsittingdownandwaitingforyoutowakeupCarer is so démonstrative of how different people can be, and why some people are suited to be together, and some just not. For me, it’s really not a case of opposites attracting, that’s for sure.

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