Well what would you do?

Pre injury I had an amazing life, for sure.

Does that mean it was exprensive to lead ?  Well no, not at all. I always did everything as cheaply as I could ( because that was ENGRAINED in  me by my parents)   and I always saw economy as the way to do things – and I was not well off, so I didn’t.

Now I live according to my means still. I do lots for sure, but I never go to restaurants ( ever )  and always get the cheapest ‘  seats ‘ possible for everything.  I smuggle in drink where I can, and if I have to I ‘ use’ the wheelchair card’ to save money.

I see that card abused so very often by others and don’t comment though, though it’s hard not to sometimes, people are such benefit frauds.

Overall I spend probably less than I used to by far, as I now am forced to pay for a Carer, so I have far less.

If you have any sense at at all, would you act any differently?


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