Well well..

…. I thought I’d seen just about everything – but I really hadn’t..

I think I now know what all the good looking girls in London do on Saturday nights. To say it was an eye opener would be an understatement.

I’m with my date in a Starbucks in Hammersmith, having just got off a second N for night bus, and having run out of iBot battery charge, so am plugged into the wall and drinking a coffee, and will need to stay plugged in for an hour or so before I dare leave here, or come to a standstill I shall.

As it is, still in Fetishwear, we’ll have to get a bus with the morning workforce, and ignore the stares. Thank God it’s not a school day, or thé bus would be full of  secondary school kids, some of whom would possibly know me…

At least my carer got an uninterrupted sleep last night, as I wasn’t there… but will now need to help me into bed at 9 in the morning instead. This  is all quite typical sleep pattern if you’re 21, or in Ibiza, but I’m neither AND I’m in bondage gear.

Just to clarify, I remain absolutely heterosexually oriented, and I’d say most people there were ( adventurous ) heterosexuals ( and mostly couples ) but there was a lot of non straightness stuff going on too – stuff you’d have to search quite hard for on the internet, I’d say.

Will we go again ? Judging by the number of barely dressed women that talked to me and said how impressed they were that a paralysed guy was at that kinda party….. mmmmmm mmmmaybe!

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