Well that’s just pants….

So… this morning, my lovely carer, Francesca, is assisting in dressing me post wash….

In the middle of the ‘ underpants pulling up’ process, i look down and say ‘ Fran, those aren’t my pants?’ She’s like saying ‘ what’d you mean, not your pants ?’

‘ Well I don’t have any Pringle pants’… ( I mean who actually does?! )

I ask her to pull them off and we take a closer look at the slightly spangly Pringle silver insignia on the waistband. Then I look at the size ( bigger ass than my own ).

My soon to be ex wife’s secret boyfriend’s underwear has been now been worn by myself….. which I’m very amused by…

Does he want them back?

I may have leaked a little turd in them? Who knows – I can’t tell….

If anyone out there wants a pair of size XL pre worn by ( at least ) 2 blokes pair of Pringle slightly glittery insignia’d underpants ( in black ) then please write in ….

6 thoughts on “Well that’s just pants….

    1. Put them back where though ? They obviously found their way into my underwear drawer ( poor deception skills! )
      Perhaps he’d like a pair of mine? Except none of mine are at all spangly….
      Advice ?

      1. i would wait until your soon to be X Wife has friends round and then i would hold them up and ask if she knows who these belong to or failing that send them to her in the post if she no longer lives with you. Sorted Margaret x x

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