Well it’s nearly upon us – or upon me to be more accurate. The Dome is being filled with 120 tables, 1200 chairs, a huge lighting rig, sound system and not forgetting the ring. It is starting to look really impressive. We merited a mention on Sky Sports Ringside programme last night and they will be there tomorrow. Just to remind and reinforce…… No high-heeled shoes – that means you Berj. Unless they’re those hidden lifts you’ve got. Bring cash for Street Food. Dress casual, the forecast is for light showers, followed by dry weather during the evening, temperatures of 6 degrees Celsius. So I’d dress appropriately, if I were you, considering you’ll be going outside for the food and toilets. Don’t be late – we have to start the bouts at 1930 prompt or we will over-run our Licence. There will be an opportunity to have a bet on the bouts – it will take the form of an sweep-stake, with the most correct predictions taking a share of the total, split with the Charity. Each bet costs £10 and some willing volunteers will be arriving early to help with the organisation of this, as ALL bets must be laid before the bouts commence. So bring a tenner and a fiver too, if you want a programme (all proceeds to the Charity). It’ll be like the best gypsy wedding you’ve ever seen on Channel 5. I’m off to watch A Bridge too Far.



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