Welcome Back Russell

Russ arrived safely back to the UK earlier this evening and is now safely tucked up in intensive care at the London Bridge Hospital.

One positive step in the right direction completed.

Dani and the girls have joined him there this evening.

Visiting times at the hospital are very flexible and are 1000-2200.  I have been advised that space is a little limited and that there is not much room for waiting if there are already visitors in Russ’s room.

As most of you know I made a calendar for visiting in Toulon.  It might be a good idea to keep to the same system?  If you want to have access to the calender to see when might be a good time/day to visit, please email me; melissa.leach@iagoft.com   I will then send you an email to invite you and then you can annotate yourself in as and when then ‘bobs your uncle’…or your daddy as in Russ’s case!

Russ, a beautiful evening to welcome you back to London.  The sun is shining for you and your beautiful family today. xxxx

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  1. Dear Russ- I found it odd that you hadn’t sent a smart ass message in awhile- something about my race attire, inability to consume more than a glass of wine, Canadian boredom, inability to paddle, etc. Funny how you come to miss such comments! I asked Rob if he had heard from you and today directed me to the blog. We both hadn’t heard. Massive hugs to you and your tremendous family. Strength and perseverance carry us through and you have enough of that for an army. Xx Monique and family

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