Great weekend again, with nothing negative happening. 

Consistent contentment is setting in, it would seem. 
Roy, Caroline, Marta and John came for dinner on Saturday night. I felt like myself, 100%. I can’t believe the change in me. 
My buddy Dickon, there with me on my bike trip, brought me back to Stoke Mandeville tonight. We talked about my crash. He was there with me for 90 minutes til the helicopter came. 
He described how I realised that I couldn’t move my legs as I lay on that sun baked road, and cried as it dawned on me that I’d be disabled for the rest of my life. 
Sorry to have put you through that, my friend. 
I’m glad I can’t remember that, or at least I don’t think I can. When you’re told what happened, it can lead to ‘false memory’. 
I can imagine all too well the cataclysmic dawning that never being able to walk again had on me in those moments, the sense of utter despair. 
Little did I know how my life would in fact start correcting itself 7 months later, thanks to so many people helping. 
My friend Ivan – multiple world marathon kayak champion – came on Saturday to take away my beloved kayak, to sell it for me. 
To see him carry it away was strange. 
I was surprisingly unemotional. 2 months ago I’d have wept uncontrollably; now it seemed, I suppose logical. It’s no good to me now, is it ?

My 3 bikes will be next, my x – country skis, my boots, my roller skis, my ice skates, my bike shoes, my scuba fins etc etc 

I don’t feel so sad about it now, at least I got to do all those things, and do them well. 
If anybody wants stuff before I eBay it all , I’d rather sell it to people I know!

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