Weekend at home.

So…. A mixed success really. 

Whilst it’s lovely to go home, I haven’t seemed to have cracked the looking after myself while I’m away part. 
I’ve picked up another potential problem on my ass and knocked both ankles. 
Whilst I’m trying to get better at independence, there seems to be a fine line between achieving it and ‘self harming’. 
We get a bigger car this week. The faithful Yaris struggles with me, a wheelchair, Dani, 2 daughters and their handbags. An old Audi A4 is the choice- bigger, and an estate so much more boot space. 
Anyone wanna buy a low’ish mileage w reg Toyota Yaris? ( approx 75000 miles I think )
Email me. 😕 rdawkins2@sky.com
Great lil car, never goes wrong. Toyota reliability, see. 
It was lovely to be invited to Lisa and Andrew’s for Sunday lunch. 
It was Lisa’s birthday and she selflessly cooked for ten plus invited us lot, her brother, Simon ( a fellow Specsavers optometrist ) plus his wife, Sarah, and her fab sister, Jane ( whose toes I once sucked at a wedding,  in fact Lisa and Andrew’s wedding, but that’s another story. It was probably about the time that Fergie ( not Alex ) made toe sucking popular, though it was the same day as Diana’s funeral, so maybe I should’ve shown more decorum ) 
Christ, did any of you follow that?!
Well done if you did. 
So I’m currently back on bed confinement. Not great news, but safety first. 
They take pictures of the injured areas here. God that’s not a great job. Imagine if you’ve done a photography course and envisaged modelling shoots, catwalks, panoramic views and sunsets over the Caribbean.. And you end up taking pictures of my arse. 
I mean it’s a job, but surely not someone’s dream  outcome. 

1 thought on “Weekend at home.

  1. Hi Russ,
    Had to comment after reading this one… in one blog entry you go from updating on your current wellbeing, to buying and trying to sell a car, to a toe sucking story and finishing with someone taking photos of your bum!
    This amazing blog should be published, you’re definitely one of a kind!
    It’s great to read how well you’re doing.
    Keep up the hard work.
    Lots of Welsh love, Jo, Del, Ross & Lara xx

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