Lunch in the hot October sun today at The Woolpack down the road with Dani, Jenni, Cress, Jenni and also Helen and Sel. 

I’m not sure how many days of warmth we’ll get this year but glad I got to see one this year!
Now waiting for a rush of work colleagues , all nine of them, to arrive . My room mate, Jimmy, alias Kamp Commandant, is not happy at the prospect. He’s not willing to flex his routine for a night and just stay in the TV room a bit longer. Ah well…. 
Trying to learn to balance, seated,  on the edge of a plinth today. Falling over repeatedly was the actuality. It seems hard to imagine being ever able to do it at the moment, but initially K1 race kayaking was the same, and I mastered that ok…. So, stay positive Dawkins!
Steve and Pete were also very welcome visitors from Chiswick. I’m always amazed by the number of people who give a f%^*+ about me. 
Home in 2 days, holding onto that thought. I’ve got hydrotherapy on fri morning, arse scab permitting. 
I have always been OFFICIALLY negatively buoyant, in other words I sink like a stone, even in salt water.  When I go Scuba diving I use no weightbelt, which makes me freaky. Therefore swimming has always very hard for me. I hope they’ve got a full lifeboat service in the pool, or my blog entries may suddenly cease. Arm bands will further add to my loss of street credibility.
On the plus side my arms are stronger than 2 days ago, but I’d say only 50% there. I need a lot more power to throw myself around and be self sufficient. Daily gym visits are the answer, supplemented by a new nightly routine using the iron arms device…. Which I’m better with already on day two..
Happy birthdays to my niece, Olivia, and my God daughter, Emily, both an absolute credit to me and their parents. 
Enjoy, girls :).
Uncle Russ xxx

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