Wednesday – I think?

So far, repair is good
Side effects of morphine are awful – mentally I’m still all at sea, and very forgetful – I can’t remember the day, or events in their actual sequence.
I’m not in pain, at least not much.
I feel down, for sure
Spasms still happening.
Very odd being fixed upright, so have no sideways movement at all, and far less forward movement, so the change is not all positive.. thus far. I’m told I’ll just get used to that ( not being able to move much at all )

Next op, one from the front, is on Thursday or Friday next week, they now tell me.

They now are letting me out, if someone pushes me. Just as well, as I’m going stir crazy in this room ( it’s a room by itself, not a ward.

Thank you to all visitors – I’d make a list if I could guarantee I’ve not left anyone out, and don’t want to offend anyone!
But you know who you are…

Thanks for all the Milky Bars
I’ve now had enough for a lifetime.
Not quite enough to put me off white chocolate, but almost…
But I’m not complaining !

I also quite like popcorn, all of a sudden?
And peas ( the frozen, in a bag, type – tho obviously warmed up ). Actually, I’ve always quite liked eating frozen peas, frozen.
I wonder if I’m alone with that one?

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