Wednesday 8/3/17.

At 8.37am today I received a message from a person that I love dearly that the mum of another  that I love dearly had just taken her last breath.

At 11.30 I was able to see my buddy and give him a hug. He’s not the hugging type, so I’m still in slight shock that we did that, and I’m sure won’t again, but I felt the sadness in that man to man exchange.

Just 2 days ago I felt the need to visit his ( very ill ) mum, having not seen her for several years I think,  and am now very glad that I did. Her death  isn’t a surprise, it having been ‘medically predictable ‘ for a while, but I felt a huge urge to pay my respects whilst she was still alive, rather than wait until a funeral service to do so.

Thank you to my 2 lovely friends for being the people that they are, and thank you to my man monster brother Stu for his strength in pretty much lifting me and my wheelchair into the pretty inaccessible house where she lay, on Sunday.

May she rest in peace.



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