1. img_7775img_7776Well in ( recent ) time honoured fashion, I’ve bounced back today. I woke up feeling very down, and drowsy, my blood pressure was at an all time low ( 90/50 ) and I kept falling asleep ( despite no sleeping tablet.

After that, I got a 2 person help into my standing up chair and then shortly after that 2 lovely visitors arrived.

Roxanne ( no red light ) and I won the mixed category in the 125 mile non stop DW canoe race, a few years ago, and Alison had been my Chief of support crew, in the same race about 6 times.

Ali has a  very complicated ocular status, and so I’ve been able to ‘ pay back ‘ her dedicated support for me, in ocular services and advice over quite a few years. I hope she doesn’t mind me disclosing that. And I must stress that Ali has tried very hard to pay me, monetarily, but without success.

In that race, where you need to drink a litre an hour of water/ energy drink  you  have no time to keep stopping for a pee, it being a time trial race ( and the Everest of canoe races ) so that means that you have to pee yourself in the boat ( which you empty out as you run with the boat over the 77 locks on the canal/ Thames course )  That means that you do end up inevitably being drenched in each other’s  pee, though diluted with river water   All that may sound unpalatable, but that depends how squeamish you are.

Now that my bladder drains into a leg bag attached to my leg/ up my sweatshirt, it means I have to turn the tap and drain the pee into any available bottle ( wine bottle yesterday )   Tipping that bottle over the edge of the South Embankment wall into the Thames wasn’t  a problem for the girls, and actually quite a nostalgic thing to be doing?! Passers – by would not for a second think the pretty clear fluid was urine, so all quite funny really….

It was lovely to see them both, and hope there’ll be a repeat very soon.

Then I saw the lovely and balding ( in that order ) Cressida and Toby, who are always brilliant and sensitive ( in that order ? ) company.

I also get to see a lovely lady called Whizz, who I’ve not seen for 20 years, in a few minutes, and I’m looking forward to seeing her very much. ( photo above )   No excuse for not having seen her for that long, and it definitely won’t be another 25 years til the next time ( or it’ll be too late, as I imagine I’ll be  dead if something by then )

I seem suddenly, after 3 years, to have regained an appetite for food, which is a worry, having remained ‘slim’ since my injury.

Willpower though, I do have in abundance.

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