Having been here for almost a month, changes have materialised in me, amongst them being clarity of thought.

Well either that, or I’ve gone stark raving mad and everyone, except myself, realises it. After all, all mad people are convinced that they’re sane, aren’t they – it’s the mark of true insanity.

I know I’m gonna get texts saying ‘ you’ve always been f****** crazy, it’s just now that you’ve noticed ‘ but that’s not what I’m talking about.

Whilst a student, I was banned from :

The whole Cardiff Student Union,

the student halls bars

both halls campus’s,

Pierro’s wine bar/ club, where I met my future wife,

the Cardiff student night club, the ‘ Hanging Gardens’,

the Woodville Pub where ALL students went,

the Sports Union.

And the rugby club…

At the end of my first year, they threatened to ban me from the 3 year course I was doing – rare for something as dull as Ophthalmic Optics

I don’t think ANYONE else came even close to that, in the history of Cardiff University.

They were all lifetime bans, so still apply.
I ended up banned from pretty much everywhere that I went, and I’m sure had I gone to more places, I’d have been banned from those too.

Personally, I think I was a victim of circumstance, and they just misjudged me..

In retrospect, I deserved everything I got ( OBVIOUSLY!!! )

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Anyway, I’ve digressed.

Having been here for a month, I’ve now realised that the people that come to see me, are coming because they WANT to see me ( because they like me )
That’s a big, massive, huge difference from people coming to see me because they feel obliged to/ought to / think they should be ‘seen’ to.

I really only want visitors from the first category, and I can tell which category people fit into, straight away.

As a consequence, I’m having a positive time in this hospital.

Isn’t life full of surprises ?

Aka Mad Russ

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