I recently bumped into the lady that had originally suggested I try online dating
I said to her that I owed her a thank you for having proposed that to me, saying that I initially thought it was a mad idea, and one I had put off for about a year, but had eventually worked well for me.
She asked if I had a girlfriend now, and I said yes, adding that actually I had had quite a few before getting the right one.
I told her about Wendy, and she said ‘ oh right, that isn’t quite what I was suggesting. I thought that you could probably meet someone else in a wheelchair’. I said ‘ bloody hell, how would that help me?’ She replied’ well you’d have something in common, and also you could just have the one carer to look after you both, so it would be cheaper’.

Ahhh so I seem to have messed up then, by having a normal girl, who can walk about and even climb a stepladder if she had a mind to. Still, now I know what to do if something goes wrong…

Looking around me now I can see that other people in this cafe have messed up too. There’s a ginger bloke in the corner with a woman with black hair, and a tall thin fella with a short fat chick. And bloody hell, there’s even a black woman sat with some white people too…

So many peeps not abiding by the Rules of Engagement!

That aside.. thanks to Rob n Mark, but mostly Rob for finishing my floor and fixing a second hand hoist to my ceiling outside my flat. I never thought I’d be excited by having an electric hoist to get me 2 feet laterally, but actually I am! Funny how your perspective changes, I can tell you. Who knows what might happen next?!

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