I went to see Regina Spektor in the Apollo, Hammersmith last night. I had a HotAsianBabe date, as well, so I had time off from my thoughts for a while, far more than I did at the open air cinema thing the night before.

If you’ve never heard of her, she sings the theme song to ‘ Orange is the new black’ ( Regina does, not my date – she can’t sing at all )

It stopped raining for long enough for us to get there, and back, without a soaking. You get far more wet sat in a wheelchair than you do as a vertical walker.

I go to the hospital today for tests, classed as Urgent by my doctors. Whatever the results, I’m going to see Kate Nash in Shepherds Bush tonight. She’s a singer with ‘ attitude ‘, which I like.

I saw an old friend that I’d not seen for ages, yesterday too, and it was good to talk about a number of things with her.

A friend of mine that I roomed with the night before I went over the handlebars, 4 years ago, is coming in a minute, too.  I can’t remember that last night of normality, so I’ve no idea what happened in that room.

He’s  called Quentin, so I guess anything is possible ?

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