Myself and Stella are currently on the Eurostar to Paris. It’s a fixed fare for the wheelchairists, which  is helpful, though if you try to change the companion/ carer name, you can’t. You have to just buy both return tickets all over again, which is a little unreasonable, to say the least. After all, it’s not as though I could possibly, in a hundred years, come by myself, so I’m at the mercy of my companion’s actions.

Overall it’s a safer bet coming with Stella, than with say, an internet date, because 1) she’s ever so level headed 2) understands that my ‘ happiness levels’ aren’t stable, and doesn’t judge me or most importantly take offence, and 3) she deserves a treat like being taken to Paris ( albeit with a suicidal maniac like myself )

I went to the wedding on Sunday. Asian weddings are quite different to the ones that ‘ we ‘ have ( us white peeps from Britain ). It was explained by the very nice ‘ aunt’ of the groom that it follows the pattern that would happen in India – a ceremony in HIS village, a separate ceremony in HER village, and another one ( or more ) after that, when the bride and groom are actually in the same room!

So i saw the groom, and heard some blessing rituals, and talked to a few people on my table. There were no speeches, no music, lots of food brought around, and no alcohol. The whole thing obviously costs a fortune to stage, lasts for hours, but not an awful lot seems to happen. Everyone dresses up of course in traditional Asian wear ( except me and my friend ) so it is a spectacle. The mole that I’ve recently grown in the middle of my forehead could actually be mistaken for a bindi, but is just a mole actually. I think my date could only take so much without having a drink, so we departed and found a nearby accessible seaside bar, and then drove to my friends ( Damien and Sal’s ) house 10 miles away, for more non drinking ( or at least for me ). Driving and not drinking is obviously the wisest combination, so that all made sense. I did get flashed by a speed camera in Sunningdale, doing about 5mph over 30. Unbelievably it’s the same camera that flashed me a few weeks earlier, when I gave someone a lift home after a party, from a completely different location. What are the chances of that? Ive only ever once before been flashed by a speed camera, and now 2 in 2 excursions in a car, in 3 weeks, by the same camera, on an empty road, after 1 am …. I’ve already had one letter inviting me to court for doing 35 in a 30, and now I’ll get another, no doubt. I’m not exactly a danger on the roads, but ive obviously transgressed.

I have another UTI, and also my left arm is becoming very painful where they had a drip into my arm last week, after my death. The vein there is very hard suddenly, and painful. It would be too much to expect for this trip to go well, without complications, so God knows what will happen next. I’m already on antibiotics for the UTI, so perhaps that will help, and have taken Paracetamol, so maybe that will sort it out.

Or maybe I’ll die from some vascular complication, soon.

Who knows.

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