I have a new carer – they do keep changing – she’s a laugh. From the West Indies, a bit younger than me, and with grown up kids,  and even grandchildren.

We get on really well.

She said I sound very cultured.

That was a slight surprise, given I’m from Pontypool, and instinctively ( rightly or wrongly ) I’d rather not come across as ‘ posh ‘.

Anyway, she did then undo the ‘compliment ‘ a bit, by saying I sounded like Simon Cowell.

I asked if she could possibly think of someone else instead that I sounded like, not being a big Cowell fan really.

She thought a bit and said ‘ yes… yes… Roger Moore ‘

I’ll go with the one time James Bond actor, rather than the manicured, high trouser wearer of dubious sexuality,  and I’m going to practice the Roger eyebrow thing, forthwith.

I must be posh, I just wrote ‘ forthwith ‘…

And I’ve got a mate called Rupert.

And one called Quentin, as well.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday.

  1. Posh my arse! My Mother is welsh for heavens sake (Blimey does that make me half welsh…..?)

    Hope Amber and Lily are well, no doubt rapidly growing up

    Best wishes from your ‘Yorkshire’ friend!


    1. See!
      I really do have a mate called Rupert!

      Okay, so he’s Northern and has a ferret etc but it’s all semantics.

      He def won’t know what semantics are though.
      No Rupert, definitely nothing to do with insect infestation of your sperm – that’s something else altogether.

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