Vin Rouge

From Danibelle x:

Now that Russ is able to eat “normal” food, I arrived at the hospital with a bag of the local grocer’s finest fruit. This was clearly heavenly after 6 weeks on the “goo diet”.

Better still, the hospital catering tray then arrived incorporating a glass of red wine. Only in France! Anyway, Russ clearly hasn’t lost his discerning wine tastes as he had a sip of it and said it was crap! Luckily, help was on it’s way as a very old friend, Sian, arrived with a bottle of Châteauneuf-Du-Pape and a very nice Rose wine, both altogether more to Russ’s liking. So, a few sips of wine later, he was a very happy boy. Russ hadn’t seen Sian for 18 years so there was lots of reminiscing of old times and lots of catching up to be done. By the time lunchtime visiting hours came to an end, the poor guy was exhausted!

Later in the afternoon, Dan and Sas arrived with their gorgeous two boys and baby girl. The day before Dan had climbed the Dome de Miage in Chamonix (a 14 hour climb) which sounded like a gruelling slog (certainly his feet weren’t looking very pretty after the climb). That is one athletic endeavour that won’t be going on my “To Do” list….

So, evening visitors for Russ were me, Dan and Saskia. This is Dan’s 6th visit to see Russ in hospital here in Toulon. An almost “wifely” dedication, I would say (sorry, Dan, if that makes you sound a bit gay….:-s ).


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