He didn’t really ‘ do ‘ a lot ; got me on the couch and felt my abdomen for a bit – I can’t really tell when I’m being touched there, other than a vague sensation.

He was certain that I didn’t have anything horrible, and spent a lot of time talking about my injury and my diet.
It turns out that most major traumas, or long’ish periods spent lying down, result in intestinal/ gut side effects. He said that my injury, the passing of 2 and a half years, my altered digestion and generally buggered internal processes all added up to internal fermentation of food, extra production of gas and therefore bloating and side effects. As I am also on antibiotics pretty much all the time, my natural gut bacterial balance is compromised too.

As I can’t actually fart anymore, there is no option to let one free, so to speak ….another simple pleasure that is taken for granted.
I’ve been given yet more pills and told to have pro biotic drinks every day, and see a nutritionist – as my pre injury diet may not suit my post injury body.

Why was I not warned about this whilst in hospital? So many paraplegics complain of intestinal problems, yet we are not told anything… That’s a bit cruel at best, and grossly negligent at worst.

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