I almost wrote a post 3 days ago saying that the idea of Vegas was a bad one… Well not the idea of Vegas itself , but the idea of me going to Vegas.

On the 3rd day I woke up and suddenly/ miraculously even, it was a positive experience, me being there.

I can’t explain the why question, why things that seem so completely bad transform into something that’s ok.
I’m told happiness is just a chemical reaction.
As I don’t take ‘happy pills’ of any sort ( yet ) then the reaction is self generated, but not deliberate.
I can go to sleep sometimes beyond miserable, yet wake up quite bouyant.
How does that happen?

So Rob looked after me totally and completely ( role reversal from our Yukon canoe adventure..)

Lateral thinking, fit and with a great sense of direction, we went all over the place, him pushing me through the crowded streets.

You generally can’t cross the road in Vegas, so after catching about 50 lifts, we took on escalators, to the shock of onlookers.
Going down backwards is the hardest bit, and requires a lot of faith in the bloke behind.
As I have total faith in Rob, it works.

So we lost at Roulette, saw a great show- David Copperfield ( thanks Mike Jenkins for recommendation ), met up with Monique and her very cool Mum, stayed up late a fair bit, and saw the city after dark.
It definitely doesn’t ever sleep, but is full of people having a good time, without any hint of trouble.
Ok so none of those people are looking where they are going, so all seem to be walking into me, but not intentionally…

Rob had his first Starbucks , and was fascinated by an iPhone…. Actually holding one ( mine ) in his hand, and even touching the screen a few times.

I think he’s possibly the only person ever, to erect a tent in a room in Caesar’s Palace…. To ‘dry it out’.. But there you go.
God knows what the cleaners thought was going on in our room, but hey.

He did stop short of cooking his own breakfast with his gas stove.

I know I’ve broken the rule about what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas, so I’ll keep the rest a secret.

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