So I’m in Louisville, spending most of my time wired up to things.

Most of my leg hair is shaved off, leaving them pretty sausage like. Not long ago, they were very muscular, now really far less, and covered in red marks from having electrode pads stuck to them, then pulled off almost sadistically by nmerous medical physiologists and their associates. As I cant feel it, it’s all fine. If I could, I’d probably have had enough of it.

Not since Toulon have I spent so much time attached to very sophisticated machines   Then, they were keeping me alive, now it’s all about seeing how much of me works.

X Rays, scans I’m used to, but being put in a massive baby bouncer and suspended over a treadmill, with 3 people making my legs move in a walking simulation.. was odd. It’s been 16 months since I’ve walked, so seeing myself doing it, assisted, in a large mirror, was strange. What I had to do was keep my arms moving in time with my feet. When you can’t feel your feet, thats easier said than done . If you’ve ever thought about it, as your right foot comes forward, so does your left arm, and vice versa. When you can’t feel your legs moving or your feet hitting the  ground, your arms easily fall out of sync, and before you know it, it’s all the wrong way around.

Apparantly, I was quite good… faint praise really, given I’d had 46 years of practice…

I’ve had my medications analysed, and related my history over and over, I’ve been strength and posture tested in various rooms. Whilst sat in my chair, I’m fairly strong, out of it, sitting on say, a plinth, I just wobble about, having to hold on to something all the time

Good news, my resting heart rate is back to pre Injury at 38 per minute. Mind you, given my heart only has to pump blood strongly through less functional body mass, they say it’s normal to have a lower pulse rate. Still, back as recently as February, my pulse rate was 70, so I should be happy with the improvement.

Tomorrow, more scans – bladder and kidneys – to see why I keep getting infections- I might have stones they say, much more common when your spine is severed.

Thank you to all those that have sent me links to the incredible story of the Bulgarian fireman stabbed 2 years ago right through his spine, and now walking thanks to cells from his nose transferred into the gap in his spinal cord.

So I’m in America just as it’s all happening in Poland. If it doesn’t work out here, I’m on Easyjet to Warsaw next week. Not only are the Polish painting and renovating half the houses in London, they’re also now  fixing spinal cords.

Is there nothing they can’t mend?

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  1. Great update Russ, very exciting to read. You also have to respect the way the Polish have established so many dancing clubs around the world, amazing really. From New York to London, Pole dancing is everywhere. You don’t hear much about Morris dancing clubs do you.

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