Having been too depressed to even write gloomy updates in this blog, I now want to thank people and apologise to others.

Firstly to all those that have tried and not succeeded in their attempts to lift my dark spirits, I’m truly sorry – to my mother firstly, but to lots of others too.

Thank you to Pia and to Clair, and to Cress, Marta, Lizzie T and Kev in particular for their persistence, and of course to Dani most of all for not giving up on me.

As a strategy to further get me out of the hole, I am trying to learn to better sit ski again next week.  I should leave for France on Tuesday and get a few solid days in. I hope by then that my various internal infections and spasms will have further improved, as well as the blimmin chest infection that I seem to have picked up too.

I am pinning my hopes on my run of bad luck halting, with no calamity occurring on the ski slopes next week.

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