Thank you to my lovely cousin, Jason, who I have hardly seen since I’ve reached adult size ( and actually now I’m back to 4 feet I don’t know if it counts now ) and who spent HOURS configuring my complex audio visual bits and pieces. This stuff is all crazy technical now, and beyond most people including me.

Anyway… now it’s all working – sound inside and out, and through the amplifier comes all sorts of other stuff, so that’s good!

Update on the budgie status. – Fanny is perhaps a scary prospect for Dick …. who is well, rigid …. with ummm … rigidity ….I suppose. When Dick is eventually placed close to Fanny I hope he doesn’t get stage fright and disappoint her… relax lad, I say, and it’ll be better than you think!

2 thoughts on “Update.

  1. So niw it all becomes clearyour naming Fanny”Fanny”. So now it’s “Dick” and “Fanny”
    is it? Really, Russ?!

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