Up North

Long way up North or what?

But what a surprise when you get there…

Beautiful countryside, architecture, and beaches.
Yes, beaches.
Us living in the South think of only the South Coast as having the Seaside…
Well we’re wrong, and the beaches are a lot less packed too up here ( says me, who’s been once, and in February ).

What a great bunch of people we met at Jan’s birthday party. Jay and her are the best couple ever, with the loveliest 4 kids ( aged 13 to 22 ), all there to make it a special weekend for their gorgeous mum.

I’d sort of semi resigned myself to not getting onto a beach ever again, but hey, with a ‘freewheel’ stuck on the front of my chair and a few strapping lads around , a beach ‘walk’ was a reality.
Incredible fresh air and views were greedily absorbed by me, and no one came close to tipping me out of my chair in 3 days, despite having no ‘handling experience’.
Top marks to all there for succeeding in not making me feel like a nuisance, and a special mention to Jackie for being a top laugh at the dinner.

The train rides back and forth were another box ticked.
Probably easier than flying, and the systems in place for ‘passenger assistance’ make it all flow pretty easily , providing you book it all in advance.
Of course my unphaseable wife just made it all happen, as is her fabulous way.
Thanks Dani

Again, at the party, I seemed to generate lots of sympathy affection from all sorts of attractive women.. Gratefully received.
The fellas were nice too 😉

The birthday drink, food and speeches were all quality. My girls loved seeing their Newcastle mates, Honor, Millie and Izzy especially showering them in love and affection for 3 days, plus introducing them to table tennis and pool, coached by Ruth and Rory.
Pool… Sign of misspent youth, right?
I hear you can be quite good from a wheelchair though. Maybe I need to try?

Ok, it’s not quite an extreme sport, but I’ve gotta do what I can do these days.
After a poker night on Thursday my life seems to be following a different course from before.
Having not played Poker before ( well, once before ), I can’t say I had a natural talent, but I wasn’t awful.
But I was easily the worst at Perudo, a sort of Spanish dice game… Gotta read the rules on that one too..

Thanks to Roy for the transit arrangements and all the fellas there for putting up with the novice interloper.
Cheers to Ian for hosting the night.
Most there were cyclists from my ill fated accident trip.

So..Smoking, and a beer belly might follow..at this rate of lifestyle change.


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