Three different perspectives on that last post.

Which wasn’t intended to be controversial, yet would seem to be.
Always the best types of posts, right?


Very philosophical.
The Nazis started with mentally ill people first by getting affected adults sterilised. Then they progressed through deformed and disabled, sending them to ‘camps’ where they developed the notorious gas chambers. Thankfully radar was discovered in time to defeat the Luftewaffe and eventually the Nazi regime. With a lot of help from the Russians and U.S. of course. Have you read Stalingrad by Anthony Bevor? I’ll lend you it.


That was a tough read. Don’t feel like that. It’s usually the other way around…everyone is concerned about the person who is unwell or with the greater need. Usually the “carer is overlooked”. Russ I know this is true because I know husbands and wives who have found themselves in this situation and almost imploded with the pressure of dealing with the outside worlds expectation of them. I really believe that people’s perceptions of people with disability have changed, what is wrong is that with all of these things , people are people…the only judgement should be made is whether people are decent and good….nothing else .

Please don’t have a downer on some of your loved ones, they have suffered with you. I was there at the beginning and saw the love for you.

I hope you understand what I am trying to say and I really hope that you know it’s all said with affection. The last thing I want to do is add to any upset. Forgive me for sticking my oar in but I would hate it if you fostered these thoughts.

( the second comment got it completely wrong – I’ve not ‘ had a downer on my family’

I have observed, and seen how people react though.

Understanding what I’ve seen has been very enlightening, for sure.
The last emotion I feel is a negative.

I left all those behind me a month ago.

Another view:

Good food for thought. Those posts are exactly the reason you might consider a becoming a disability ambassador. They are of course the every day prejudices people with disabilities encounter and many are nowhere near as articulate as you.
It can also be awkward for the family as they similarly do not see that they are doing anything particularly special – just doing what families do for each other. It further exacerbate the whole cycle. X

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