Two cool things

Today, for the first time in over 3 and a half years, I caught the Tube.

My God, it’s changed a lot in that time.

It was pretty surreal being on it.  It was a little other – World’y. It was all very familiar yet unknown.

Being sat down and low, it all looks different. And the trains on the District Line are all new?!

There’s no gap to mind anymore – if there was I wouldn’t be able to bridge it easily.

There is a stretch on each platform that is raised too, so that I can go straight onto the train, with no step up.

I had no idea it would be so easy. I did have help ( thanks Kim ) and was attached to my powered wheel gizmo, but if I’d been alone I think I’d be fine, after a few goes.

I went from Hammersmith to Blackfriars, and then 0.4 miles to see my solicitor.  It absolutely pissed with rain, but hey, I was always in a kayak so rain is nothing to me.

The other cool thing is that I’d stood in an election for a position in the British College of Optometrists.  Every college member in the London region was allowed to vote and there were 4 candidates – and evidently I got the most votes.

Good Lord, Trump will get elected as the President of America next……

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