…was where I was on Thursday, at the Varsity match, no less.

Oxford beat Cambridge by a record score, 44-7 I think.
I was interested, as a friend, Ed Doe, was playing on the wing for Oxford. So as well as being my cycle outrider in the summer, turns out Ed can play rugby as well.

Thanks to Ed’s girlfriend, Issy, and her folks, Janet and Jay, plus Jacqui and Tom, for inviting me and looking after me.

And trust me, I need looking after.

Nice picture of Ed and Issy enclosed. image

I’d pretty much forgotten that I applied for Oxford, at 17 years of age, to study Biochemistry.
Obviously I wasn’t clever enough to get in, but I wonder where my life would have gone if I had.

It would have been totally different of course, and I’d never have been near Toulon in June 2013, and now not paraplegic either.

Sliding doors…

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