Having had virtually no spasms for 7 days, they seem to be back, tho not like before.

As I’ve spent most of my time lying down for 8 days, and I’ve had many very strong painkilling injections and pills, it’s not been a realistic test of my new spine.
I shouldn’t really be judging it just yet, as I have another 6 hour operation starting at 9.30 am on friday – where they fuse and cage my L2 and L3 vertabrae, to make solid the base of my spine – but I’m wondering how it’ll all turn out.
The combination of bed rest and strong painkillers has made me very constipated, so I have that challenge too, without any obvious resolution strategy.
To say this shit rules my life, would be accurate.

I seem to have pulled a muscle – a lat – in my left side, which doesn’t help me to move in the bed, which is almost impossible anyway, as it’s an inflatable mattress to help prevent pressure sores.

They’ve ceased the stronger painkillers to help me ‘ go ‘ so I’m hoping that might work, as the pain coming back isn’t that nice.

It’s 1.34 am and I should try to sleep.

Thanks to Roy,and to Lisa for visiting, and for the many messages I’ve received.
It does help.

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  1. Overdose on diabetic chocolate! I’m sure you can get it in white and it’s a much more pleasant resolution of the problem than medical laxatives!! Mx

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