Tuesday September 6th.

Thank you to Jo for my birthday present of Tea at the Ritz ( no less ) – there’s posh for a Valleys boy. And after that Jesus Christ Superstar, at the Open Air Theatre in Regents Park.

When it started to rain, just before Jesus was due to be nailed to The Cross, the play was stopped. That was unpopular with the paying audience, though I thought it was Divine Intervention at work. Happily/ sadly, depending on your perspective, the crucifixion was resumed ten minutes later, once the rain stopped.

I had quite horrendous spasming all of the day, so  that took its toll on my concentration and enjoyment level of both events, but I of course can’t predict if or how much I’m going to spasm on a given day, in advance.

I attended a school parents event at Lily’s school this evening. For the sit down and listen  bit in the main hall I was fine, and not disadvantaged too much, but at the drinks and socialise bit afterwards where everyone else in the crowded room was standing up, I had no chance at all. I couldn’t move at all, because it was too packed, and I was completely excluded because I was at a completely different height to everyone else. I had one sip of my drink and then said about a hundred ‘excuse me’s’ as I wheeled out backwards to the exit.

Next time ( if there is one ) I’ll either skip that bit or hire a dwarf to come with me and talk to me while I have a glass of wine.


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