Tuesday July 11th 2017.

Someone that I know died yesterday. He was killed instantly in a collision with a motorcyclist in France.  The motorcyclist died too.

There are obvious parallels with my own accident, but with 2 deaths.

I’ve been thinking about him a lot today. I’d met him a number of times, and he was a lovely guy, but I definitely didn’t know him well, and now of course I never will.

I went to see a band tonight, and I went to a pub before that. I thought about him throughout both, but his death didn’t actually stop me doing anything that I was going to do anyway.

That’s the point…. that the world just carries on. Nothing really changes, people don’t change course very much, and only briefly in most cases when they do. It doesn’t seem right that I went to see a band tonight ( to me ) but I have ‘ the excuse ‘ of not having really known him.

I’ve tried ( and failed so far ) to get the contact details of his family, so that I can write to them. I actually want to do more than just write, but it will depend on the response to my contact.  Again, I have ‘ the excuse ‘ of not actually  being ‘ a friend ‘ of his, so no action is expected of me. I do know ( from my own experience ) that too many of his friends probably won’t do very much at all, going forward, ‘ giving his family space ‘ is the expression used usually.  It doesn’t make people bad people, that inaction, it’s just that people are pretty crap at doing very much over a sustained period, if at all.

For his close family, and for those that he was a central figure in their lives, the clocks will stop altogether for a while, and for a few may never restart properly, ever again.

So for those people, and for those who understand that feeling, I wanted to post this :

For Theo


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