Tuesday again already?

Cherie embraced the haircut challenge very bravely, and pushed for about a mile, to find that Google Maps hadn’t been updated by the salon, and it was no longer there, just a derelict shop front, all boarded up

We went for a Costa coffee instead.

Then decided to have another go, but were foiled by the 10 inch step at the entrance.

They said they had no ramp – that all their chair clients  got out and walked up the step, then got back into the chair? I think that’s illegal, but saved that one for another day

Not put off, Cherie tipped me back, gave me a wheelie, and got me up the cliff.

They told me at the salon that the haircut took 10 years off me, but declined to say how old I now look, so interpret that as you will.

I once again have a short back and sides, my normal look for 28 years since the Mullet, and charged me 3 and a half times what I pay the Turkish cut throat razor guy down the road in EGHAM, or in Chiswick.

My eyebrow trim wasn’t any extra, but has been necessary since I was about 19.

If I didn’t get that done regularly ( normally badly by myself in the mirror ) I’d soon not be able to see at all,  through the hanging gardens effect.

Since my hospital stay started, my hair seems to have got thicker and darker – is that all the drugs, or deprivation of UV light, I don’t know.

I find my ‘ new self / old self  new self ‘ to be far more engaging to the world around me.  Now no longer being ashamed of the wheelchair, I must be projecting a different  persona, and people seem to want to talk to me.

How odd am I finding that?!

I certainly can’t move very much at all, but my voice is louder again, and confidence has appeared.  I don’t recognise myself, but am assured that this is how I used to be.

Likewise I now strike myself as quite clever, but I can’t remember if i was before my injury, so that’s a bit confusing.

I seem to suddenly know all this stuff, which obviously  I must have known before and just remembered, or else how would I know it?

Aliens may have taken over my mind, of course, but I don’t think so.  I find myself doing all sorts of things in a logical sequence, and also realise that I could possibly make a far greater contribution to society than I have been doing these last 3 years.

Look out World ?


PS  Once more  crapped myself badly, whilst out, but it seemed to be contained by tight cargo type shorts.  Not sure if the shorts are that salvageable ,  and I wouldn’t want to put anything else in the washing machine for a while either.

Its 3 am and I’m wide awake now. Knowing that my doctor will burst in in 3 hours time doesn’t bother me. I don’t have much on tomorrow, I’m sure.

Apologies to Rich K, who visited at 10.30 am, but got me practically asleep for an hour, whilst he did his best to keep me awake, with  his tales of I can’t remember at all, as I was like a Zombie.

Yes, I know my sleep pattern is all at sea, but maybe that’s something to do with my psychological rebirth as well?

Now I suddenly and finally feel tired.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday again already?

  1. I’ve not really noticed a change of style. Maybe the more positive attitude makes you think you are having more ‘intellectual ‘ conversations with people. Who knows. I’m just an Optom. In hot and steamy Borneo atm so brain not fully at speed. Glad you got up the Shard. Would have been a shame not to have done it having been so close. Obviously a bit more wheelchair friendly than the hairdressers.

  2. You’ve always been a clever clogs, or you certainly were in Junior School and 6th form.
    I’m severely under-caffeinated today and can barely string a sentence together, so I think your achievements over the last 3 years are remarkable.
    Do the docs have any idea why you’ve suddenly experienced this radical change?
    Not complaining, mind! 🙂

    1. You’re very kind, too.

      But what I’m asking is has the change in my mind been matched by any ‘ increase in eloquence’, let’s say?


  3. Russ, good news about the haircut.
    Re your intelligence: your writing has always demonstrated your intellect. I’m convinced you should write a book, based largely on your blog. We’d need more about your youth, career etc. But I’ve found every word you’ve written since your catastrophe makes compulsive reading.

    1. Hey, you’re way too kind!

      But has there been a change in my ‘ style’ over the last 3/4 weeks?
      Other than being ‘ happy’ ?

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