Tuesday 9th July

Hello Everyone.  I am so sorry that I have not updated the blog for 48 hours….I have been in deepest East Sussex camping without internet….yes Russ, ‘Margo’ has been camping….first time since I was 6- 36 years ago!  I gather Russ missed a weekend of camping last weekend as he was due to be going to Glastonbury with Roy.

All the news coming in is showing Russ is still little by little recovering.  News from mum in chronolgocial order starting with Monday:

Dear everyone
So sorry to be so late in sending this e mail but we left the hospital late and went straight to a restaurant for supper. Of course as you all realise, both Amber and Lily came here with Danielle last night. It was the first time Lily had seen Russ since his accident. When we arrived at the hospital it was very frustrating, particularly for Lily as they weren't able to see Russ for over an hour. He was, in fact, having physiotherapy. When Danielle and Lily and Amber went to see Russ, he was extremely sleepy, so we felt that the girls were a bit upset.
However, fortunately, this afternoon, it really was a different matter. Russ was very much awake and quite obviously delighted to see " his girls" . He watched them all the time with a lovely smile on his face. Lily and Amber were quite superb and really didn't want to leave his side. Very beautiful to observe.
So once again we are pleasantly optimistic as every day is a little step towards recovery.
Must have a sleep now.
Dear love as always
Jenni x


Dear everyone
Another good day. Russ was very alert this morning and was propped up a bit more in bed,almost in a sitting position. He is very aware of noises and people coming into the room and curious as to what is in such and such (like a drawer).
The nurses also seem pleased with him, which is very reassuring. He continues to give everyone lovely smiles which is always so comforting.
So each day there seems to be a noticeable improvement.
Love to you all
Jenni x

Oh God, forgot to mention Murray won Wimbledon yesterday! Amazeballs!

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