I haven’t stopped bloody spasming today. It’s been relentless.

It was a bit of a heavy weekend, and where in the normal world, you feel rough,  I get spasms, and I feel rough.

I could always give up going out, but I’ve only just started enjoying it again, so sod that – I’ll just have to suffer the effects

Bedtime at 5am on Sunday morning wasn’t very good for me, but it was worth it, overall. Before, I’d have kayaked off the hangover, in the cold and the rain, but now I can’t do anything like that,  I have to just tolerate it.

The bloody spasms make it very hard to ignore- I’ve a feeling that tonight could be a long one, but we’ll see.

Thanks to R&T for the party – it was complicated getting there and back  in a wheelchair cab with no headroom, my face being on my chest for 40 minutes. As my back doesn’t bend AT ALL, I can do bugger all about it, except learn through bad experiences.

As ive had a zillion of those, I’m an old head.

The RGS was good on Monday – I’ve made a few friends there, it would seem. People definitely admire stoicism in adversity – the success of the Shackleton photo exhibition going on there is testimony to that.

That guy knew how to suck it up, for sure.

I’d been told that there was no way of me going up to the Members’ Room, on the third floor, but a senior man there said that there was a disused lift that ought work.

I suggested they try a sack of potatoes first, before trying me out in it, my propensity for misfortune being now the stuff of legend. Death from suffocation in a lift, or a fatal free fall down a  lift shaft would both fit in on my CV.

Ive managed to turn myself into my side in bed, but the jerking continues, seemingly coming from my stomach area, but I can’t be sure.

I did make it to the dentist finally today, and will soon get a long drilling session.

Tomorrow I am X rayed in London Bridge to see if all my metal is still where it should be.

I cant say that I m looking forward to the visit much.

The band that I was going to see with Pia tonight cancelled the gig. My wheelchair musical comeback has been delayed.

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