So yesterday Dani came and I ( with help ) got from bed to wheelchair, and she gave me a push into the sun and fresh’ ish air of central London. It was midday
My loyal mate, Russ S came too ( and stayed til he and I went back to the hospital.
I am allowed out, in small doses ( though they don’t actually say how long for )
Just as well, since we got back at 9pm.
Being in the chair is, just by itself, tiring but is all the rehab I need, for now.
I burn calories using an NSD Powerball and a Powerspin device, both harder than me going to the very small hospital gym with a physio here. She would only give me easy strength exercise to do, so I’d rather do my own thing tbh, and she gets that, so she’s not offended.

Thanks, Russ for your amusing company, and the shandy, and thanks to Marky P for the other shandy, and for Aaminah and Saf for coming to see me only a few days after their wedding day. I used to test Aaminah’ s eyes, from the age of 14 ( her, not me – that wouldn’t be allowed ) and that sort of ‘inspired’ her to come and work for me, and end up with a full time optical career. Now she’s a friend, too.

It’s fair to say that I slept pretty heavily last night, after what was to by aching body, a hard day.

Those iBot’s then. Is it only me, and small boys, that thinks they’re pretty cool?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday.

  1. I think it’s brilliant! You can ‘walk’ at the same height as everyone else and don’t have to worry about steps – what’s not to like.? Really, the price I guess!! Good luck today. Mx

  2. I sanction that iBots are cool. Good to hear you’re getting out and being visited. Btw your ears should be burning as I’ve been chatting to Mr Kingdon. All good obvs.

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