It seems that I’ve been given a diagnosis of moderate depression, tied up with PTSD – that’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I’m not sure if my occasional flash backs to my crash are real or imagined.
As I recall little of the whole day or the 2 days before, I can’t see how I’d recall the crash.

The images in my head, of me lying on my smashed front, in the road, seem real enough.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Dear Russell
    I still read your blog regularly and my heart sinks with some of your posts and I feel a great sense of sadness of everything you are having to endure.
    I am sorry life keeps throwing you lemons (I think that is the expression).
    PTSD does make a lot of sense and as much as some people dislike a label, at least you could maybe now get the right person to work with you on this to help you with coping mechanisms.
    Take care and I hope you start to feel you are making some progress in the direction you want to go in.
    Beth xx

    1. Beth,

      I like lemons – but only in drinks, or squeezed on pancakes – and not thrown at me.
      You’re right – having a label is ok, if it gets me somewhere with some sort of resolution.
      Physically, it is all getting worse. I need the surgery badly. After that, perhaps things may start to improve.

      I live in hope.

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