Tuesday 21st.

If I concentrate hard enough and for long enough I can usually get a twitch or 3 out of the leg I’m working on. It’s not exactly fast twitch muscle! However it’s better than nowt.
Bolt, don’t worry, you’re records are not under threat.

Christ I have to swallow about 10 pills on waking, none of them child friendly in terms of taste. Bad start to each day. I’ve asked for a yoghurt into which I can poke them to disguise the rank taste. Good idea, right   All my own work 😉

My walls of cards continue to be filled.  Will post a pic soon to show you. My lovely Lily took on the role of wall card organiser sticker onner and she’s done a brilliant job, as always. She’s such a treasure to me. Amber gets busy drawing me pictures when she’s here, and is becoming something of an artist I can tell you.

I’ve had the plaster off one (face ) cheek now. It’s a bit scarred but someone very generously bought me some Bio Oil which I shall diligently rub in daily to reduce the scar.

Dani and the girls leave today for Portugal. I ll miss them so much, suppose I’ve got to toughen up in that respect, but that’s not easy at this time. Even though the days go fast, they’re so much more pleasurable when I see my angelic girls and Dani. I’ll count down the 10 days til I see Lily and Amber again. Dani’s gonna come home on the 26th for our wedding anniversary tho, which I’ll enjoy more than all our others put together.

Fantastic to see my big Bruvver, Alwyn yesterday, for half the day   He’s great company and loves me very much. Today I’ll have my baby bro too, Stuart, so we’ll have a laugh for sure.
I tried wine again last night- a great Chablis – bit wasted on me tho, as I struggled to appreciate it. God, please let my wine palate return!

Gotta go, time for my 200th bed bath



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