An unpleasant ‘first’ today, as I ‘projectile shat’ across the bathroom, unexpectedly. That’s the risk of having your bumhole on your tummy, it would seem…. Poor Linda is the lucky cleaner up’er. As I was only 2 feet from the wall, the area of spray was limited to mercifully small area ( 2 feet by 3 feet ) but a mess nonetheless. The blast was so strong  that none went anywhere near my knees, even. Maybe I should wear a poncho all of the time?

As well as again battling the main roads with Linda as my outrider to the hospital for a catheter change, we braved it back to Westfield to see The Post, all about journalism and the Vietnam cover up. Very educational film, with all star cast. It shocked me to see how little women were of influence back then, as recently as the 70’s. There are occasions when I think that might make life easier… but obviously I now realise that females are by and large far cleverer at most things. Ok, so not with plugs and spanners and stuff, but otherwise…

Also I’ve written to Twickenham stadium to point out how very useless their access information is, which for a sport that is so crippling to so many, is  appalling really..

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