Thank you so much to Leigh n Bev for their invite on Sunday. Wheelchairs and gravel driveways and slopey garden paths don’t go well, but a push  does the trick. Vicky proved a very capable assistant, again.

Sorry Leigh that I thrashed you at the music quiz, too. My mind is all the sharper for not drinking ( much ) , perhaps.. and it’s definitely possible to enjoy a gig  on only 2 shandies, as I did. Run for Cover, with my mate Robbie on the drums, are a good band ! They even charge for playing…thats how good they are.

Visits to the V&A and an exhibition at Somerset House, with journeys through various Royal parks,  on consecutive days has kept me sane this week, plus seeing my brother Alwyn for an evening. As he insisted on paying for everything, I’m sure that he noticed the reduction in the bill when half of you is drinking water. I’ve even seen both my children ( though one was via a chance encounter, rather than arranged – that is far too much to ask for – but good nonetheless )

Tomorrow will involve gym  ( as always now ), Kew Gardens,  and a play ( damn I’m becoming so cultural – how long can I keep this up ? )

Anca, my current carer, is really good, as was last week’s temp too, Tensin. As neither is averse to moving around at moderate speed, it’s been far better for me.

Oh, and my new found permanent sobriety has also pushed me to buy a (wheelchair) helmet – its innovative as it collapses/concertina’s when it’s not on your head. Whether it does that upon impact is something that as yet I haven’t tested.

Anyway, the picture  is of me ‘ modelling ‘ it, in the shop. It probably makes me more recognisable to the traffic cops than before, so I ought buy another one in a different colour.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. I used to work at Somerset House when i first left School. That brings back memories of the typing pool and the supervisor sitting up the front facing us. We only had to stop typing and she wold look up and stare at us. Love Margaret x x

      1. Yes it was old School. If we were late in the morning getting to work we had to make the time up in the lunch hour. Margaret x x

    1. Ok, ok, I added a bit of artistic license…
      If anyone actually reads these comments, Leigh has a passable knowledge of 80’s bands…

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