We went to another physics lecture tonight. Gluttony for punishment ? But actually it was far better, and lots of pretty pictures helped me and Mark..

Plus the first speaker was as fit as a butcher’s dog ( unexpected bonus ).

Thinking Man’s Totty …. etc.

Tomorrow I go to see Adam Ant ….  he’s not dead, and he’s sold out The Albert Hall ( ffs ).  Pia and i have bought AA costumes… we may get arrested on the bus, on the way?

He’s bipolar, is Adam… so I hope he’s on the ‘ right axis ‘ tomorrow ? And he’s a self confessed attention seeking addict – it’s a thing, officially.  I hope he likes us dressing up as him… imitation is, after all, the best form of flattery.

I wonder when someone might turn up to see me, in a wheelchair, purely as a sign of devotion ?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Hope you are doing ok after your very how shall I put it . Bizarre unusual traumatic few weeks .. love hearing that you see Pritchard … the bestest man we knew … kaylas godfather . Jans bestie when we lived in chiswick . …. you bounce back so much russ .. I haven’t seen you for over 7 years …. and didn’t see you that much when we lived there but know you for almost 20 years ….. hope you and Pia have a blast at Adam ant at the royal Albert hall .. sorry is that right .. wtf…Prince Charming .. are the Albert !!! Hope you got someone to deliver a table .. don’t really know what else to say !!

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