As my carer ‘ had a hangover ‘ today, I had a message at 7.26am to say that she wouldn’t be coming  this morning.

That does leave me in a fix. She does certain things to me, legitimately, that Jimmy Saville would never have dreamed of.

I was left facing a day where getting into my chair would lead to certain UnderwearCarnage. Many is the time that I’ve worked with a hangover – I mean let’s face it, who hasn’t, barring non drinkers?

I had to ‘ start the process ‘ myself, which is only a one way street in terms of outcome.

Thankfully, a replacement carer was found, and the job was literally done, eventually.  There is a fair bit of emotional expenditure in the journey of  worrying about it, trying desperately to secure a solution, and the actuality of the deed.

And after all that, I obviously must carry on and be cheerful, whereas if something like this had happened to you, just once, 3 years ago, you’d be having nightmares still.

I will be able to attend Lily’s parents evening tonight, without too much fear of having to leave suddenly.

Watch this space though.

Many happy returns to my father for tomorrow. We don’t actually talk at all. It’s hard to imagine a more dysfunctional relationship, but probably not completely atypical in some parts of the world ( just not the civilised parts, perhaps )

I was DESPERATE not to father sons, as I feared a revisitation upon any male progeny of my own, figuring that surely daughters are far harder to fall out with. In the event, chance leant a hand and I didn’t get sons.

Who knows how it’ll work out with me reference my own children, once divorced? Mobility and accessibility are already a barrier, and that’s living in the same dwelling as them….

I’m repeatedly reassured that daughters get friendlier to their Dads once past a certain age.

Roll on that….

I’d like to thank my aunties for keeping in touch. I hear more from them than I do my immediate ‘ birth family ‘ but there you go.

I’ve had worse things happen to me ( always my Get Out Of Jail )

Last night the RGS lecture was beyond dull, the first that I can say that of.  If you want to know how much sediment was deposited in the Nile one week, 546 years ago, and every week since, I’d recommend this particular speaker.

The week can only get better then…

Congrats to Lily – all her teachers said that she was a superstar. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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  1. Of course Lily’s a superstar! She’s got you and Dani as parents and bucketloads of love and support from you both. That is the kind of thing that makes superstars. Love and hard work. Oh, and a good poke in the ear’ole when it comes to buckling down and doing their homework, but mostly unconditional love of the ‘oh my gods you’re just amazing’ kind that comes naturally when they put your baby into your arms. That, that’s what makes kids succeed as humans. (And yeah, ok, some pushing too.)

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