I pretty much do everything that I can do to prevent mishaps, but they still happen, and always at the worst possible time,  either location wise, or situation wise.

Tonight it was another ( minor ) accident,  with no  willing help in  the locality.

As I’m getting slightly used to this crap, no pun intended, I am moderately adept at self resolution, unless it’s truly underweararmageddon.  Then, I’m really in the shit.

As I can ALWAYS say that ‘ worse things really have happened to me’ I can actually always get over this stuff fairly quickly. My mind doesn’t tolerate negative thoughts for long, and I think of good stuff that’s happened today.  To that end I’ve weened myself, over a month or so,  down to half dosage of my already low dose antidepressants… which I’m quite proud of,  really. They tell you not to just stop taking them, as you might just end up a sobbing mess, so I’ve gone with the biting the pill in half and chucking the other half routine.  I’ve noticed no difference to my buoyancy, so I’ll be off them in another month altogether.

I escorted my carer,  Karen, along the river today for quite a way,  surprised by a wet area in Hammersmith that I didn’t expect to be there . It was a fun experience nonetheless, my Triride making ‘ access most areas ‘ possible

Yesterday, I was slowed down for some time by what seemed like a whole school of kids coming the other way . When I ‘ joked’ to a teacher .. blimey, has the school caught fire?’ .. she replied ‘ yes, and we’ve all been evacuated ‘ .

Perceptive of me, though slightly embarrassing ( but only momentarily…. before I saw the funny side ! )

Always look on the Bright Side of Life, right?

Cheers for the coffee today, Mr Richards,  and thanks to Jo for getting me a ticket to see Stephen Hawking speak.  You don’t actually see him speak, as the genius of his generation can’t actually move his mouth, or anything else it would seem.  Extraordinarily, he’s outlived all  predictions and is now 75!

He was too unwell to actually get to the venue, so spoke over, or prerecorded a video speech. You hear his electronic voice, but otherwise there is no sign that he is involved in its’ generation.  It would be brilliant if he could utilise hologram technology to ‘ be ‘ on the stage, talking.

Just an idea, Stephen, if you’re reading ?

You have to smile at the iphone emoticons… if you type Elvis ? that happens!

And if you type Crap ? that happens!

God, if Apple ? left me in charge of their emoticons, it would be even  more fun than it is …




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