Trying to help.

Interesting couple of days… having become involved in another person’s optical situation.
My extremely kind hearted and polite carer, Anna, has been on the receiving end of some extremely poor service from her opticians, who have not acted professionally, and have very much put the customer’s happiness last in the list of priorities.
Knowing a fair bit about the ‘ rules and protocols ‘ that high street optical practices are supposed to abide by, I phoned up on her behalf, and politely pointed out her rights as a customer, explaining my rank and experience within the optical profession.
The  so-called manager of the practice proceeded not only to argue, but also to actually put the phone down on me TWICE?!
That was very much a new experience for me, in my 30 odd years in optics.
A call to the Head Office of the company ensued, my tale being listened to in horror by their customer service representative, who assured me that the issue would be resolved forthwith. In actual fact though, 2 days later, various phone calls and a visit to the practice by my carer, has resulted in her being completely ignored by the same ‘ manager’ and his 2 bosses .
Today, 4 days later, Anna has been told that she can get part of her money back, if she calls in to the practice next Sunday.. in 7 more days’ time…

I find this most surprising and am shocked by the way that Anna has been made to feel bullied and powerless by this practice. As I have now adopted her problem as my own, I shall resolve it and seek recompense for her time and travel and disservice.
I feel very ashamed on a personal level, on behalf of my profession.

If anyone at their Head Office is reading this  diary ( unlikely ), I would urge them to give me a call ASAP so that I can write about a happy resolution to this unfortunate affair…

My stomach continues to bloat to a level that is very unsightly. Anna, who is rather an expert on quite a few holistic topics, is convinced that probiotics are the answer, and I am as quickly as possible going to start a regime of  those . I do, after all, take so many nasty medications that destroy my natural gut flora, that it’s no wonder that my insides would be in a mess .  I do read that your stomach and intestines do always react in some adverse way to most illnesses and conditions, so it does make sense that my own are suffering.
Having  a paralysed lower two thirds and now looking 4 months pregnant too, isn’t my idea of physical happiness.

Today I had a choice of what to do ( then again, doesn’t everyone ) so I went with going to a circus kinda show called Bianco, on the South Bank of the Thames, which was pretty good, but not fantastic. I think the trouble is that it takes more and more to impress us, as we see the impossible on TV all of the time.. so someone using 5 different hula hoops at the same time – 2 wrists, 1 neck, 1 waist and 1 leg, whilst stood 20 feet up on a platform as big as a tray, just doesn’t seem anywhere near as big a deal as it should.

I never mastered just one hula hoop ( and I really did try ) so I should have been absolutely awestruck.

I might be on the radio tomorrow btw, at 11 o’clock ish, on the Adrian Chiles Show.

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