Trolley Dolly

I lived with Dani and Russ for a whole brilliant year back in 1998.  At this time I was an ‘International’ Air Hostess(!).  Russ and Dani invented various nick names for me such as;
Valerie (Singleton) – as I was the only single sister!
Spartacus – as I was often requested to earn my keep by performing slave type activities such as cleaning the skirting boards, etc!
I also had another nick name which I won’t mention to you very polite lovely peeps.
Dani, Russ and I used to have nightly competitions to see who could come home the most drunk and the latest…. Russ invariably won.  We have carried this forward to 2013. (Although Russ you have a little bit of catching up to do these last few weeks).
Sometimes I would come home exhausted after flying home overnight from the U.S or Caribbean. I used to bore Russ that the reason I needed to sleep so much after an inbound long haul flight was due to having walked my way across the Atlantic when I should have been asleep and in addition because of the effects of the cabin air pressure on the body.

Air pressure has effects on the human body.  If you take a bottle of water onto a flight, you will notice within an hour of air travel it is swollen and ‘puffy’.  The same happens to our bodies. Any
air we have internally tries to escape to equalize with the changing air pressure of the cabin.  Our ears pop and we often ‘trump’ a little more.  The air that can’t escape increases in volume and makes us swell. In addition the air on board is usually pressurized to 8,000ft.  This is the same air that you might find 8,000ft up a mountain, i.e. a little less oxygen which causes us to breath faster and has a tiring effect on the body.  This is why air travel makes us feel jet lagged.

All of the above will have been taken into consideration to allow Russ and his ventilated lungs to fly home.

Today Russ will be flying to North Holt (an RAF airfield close to LHR) whilst Dani has to suffer ‘coach’ on BA MRS-LHR.  Dani will make a brief ‘tech stop’ at W4 to pick up the girls so that the 3 of them can welcome Russ back to the UK on arrival at London Bridge Hospital.

Russ, I hope you have a safe, comfortable flight home.  Welcome back to London. xxxx

P.S I have arranged for my old crew to bring you back (James jumped at the chance of earning a day off payment):

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    I hope the flight was good and not too exhausting.

    We are looking forward to seeing you as soon as you have settled back in, Cant wait to see you Lots of love, Laura xx

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