Well well… Brexit AND The Donald!

Neither were a surprise to me.

Anyway, my diary ( which doesn’t have any guidelines ) isn’t about world politics.

I mentioned Chernobyl in my last post.  It’s a modern day tragedy that that happened, and the effects of radiation poisoning will go on for hundreds more years.

The speaker found something out, whilst on his travels in that part of the world. You are allowed to visit Chernobyl for ONE DAY only – any more and you’ll be permanently radiation contaminated, and die.

Animals however have flourished because they breed before the radiation kills them, and their offspring live on, the circle repeating itself over and over.

What has stuck in my mind, was the fact that the Russians knew that the white hot core of the power station would sink, melting through rock, and eventually reach the water table beneath.  At that point the explosion generated by white hot radiation meeting cold water would have caused an explosion that killed everyone in Europe, and contaminated the water in the whole continent for hundreds of years, killing ALL human life on the continent of Europe.

The Kremlin ordered 100 miners to tunnel beneath the deadly power station ( assuring them that their boiler suits and gas masks were radiation proof )  and pump thousands of tons of quick set concrete in the downward path of the white hot core.

It was enough to stop the core sinking to the water table, thereby saving billions of people.

All 100 miners were dead within 30 days, their heroics never acknowledged or rewarded. The official Kremlin statement said that only 49 people had died altogether…..

The reality is demonstrated by the awful genetic mutations that will continue for countless years  – like those of the boy in this picture.


3 thoughts on “Tragic

  1. Teflon Don is now the leader of the free world! What’s next? As for me, I like him. Controversial you may say…but, as Voltaire said, “I detest what you say but I’ll fight to the death, for your right to say it”.

    I like the Don for 2 reasons. First, he’ll tell you to your face that he doesn’t like you, therefore you know where you stand. Second, he’s not pc and very anti-establishment and I’m all for that!

  2. Wow -I knew nothing of that – fascinating … and terrifying at the same time …. is this a new direction for you Russ -arbiter of not necessarily connected strands of really really interesting facts that the world should know …. I like it …. a lot !

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