Totally awesome.

Last night, I went to Brixton to see Franz Ferdinand. They were absolutely immense, i have to say. Their fans range from kids to people as old as me…

I’ve never before witnessed a whole audience so focused on an act. The front man has such charisma and presence  ( and intelligence ) that he is mesmerising.

Its a 10/10 from me for FF, as it was the last time I saw them, pre injury. If you don’t know them, look em up!

Getting to Brixton was extremely difficult, as pretty much the whole rail network seemed to be closed, so in the end it Uber to the rescue. What a lovely man that drove us there, after our temporary stranding in Shepherds Bush, and then came back to get us afterwards. Massive thanks to Iffy, for his attitude, and kindness and dedication to the disabled ( me ).

The venue itself didn’t get the same thumbs up, and I’ve emailed them to point out where they definitely weren’t abiding by their own commitments to looking after Wheelchair users. Fingers crossed that next time I go, they’ll be more into it.

Overall, it was well worth the difficulties experienced, and I always look to the positives in every situation I’m in ( these days ).

My lovely companion had a brilliant time, or so she said anyway.


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