Top Secret.

Bletchley Park… now there’s a place to visit. Obviously now famous, as opposed to top secret ( as it was for years ) for the code breaking activities that went on there. It’s all wheelchair friendly ( well, in the main ) and the staff are very helpful.

My date was subjected to my driving, which is actually fairly enjoyable for me now, after the very difficult process of actually getting me into the bloody car,  and the sun shone all day long. As well as the house itself, and the many outbuildings, the park and lake are beautiful

Thank you to my date for her tolerance etc. The place needs another visit ( or 2 ) as there is so much there to take in at once. As I’m not ten percent as clever as the people that will have worked there, I’ll need to go again to give my brain the opportunity to absorb some more, by going again…

4 thoughts on “Top Secret.

  1. You should have called in for tea! We’re only 15 mins from Bletchley Park. Agree you need several visits and a brain the size of a planet to stand any chance of understanding what went on there, but it is a really interesting place even just at the level of what it was like to work there.

    Aunty Mary xx

    1. Well I know that, and it did occur to me! So how about next time, you meet me there? Wear your secret Bletchley uniform and sidle up to me with a flask of Tetley’s…

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