Too many good men die young.

God I hope Michael Schumacher pulls through. 

I hate hearing now about people crashing and injuring themselves. It’s so much closer to home than I ever felt pre injury. 
Thrill seekers and speed freaks by definition put themselves in the firing line for a life changing injury without weighing up the consequences first – look at me.  
I’ve been thinking about him all day. 
Good luck Michael. 

1 thought on “Too many good men die young.

  1. Brings back awful memories of our wait for news from Toulon in the days following your accident.

    Schumacher is fortunate that he is being treated by brilliant French medics, like you, and I’m also praying that his fitness will pull him through, as it has with you.

    Glad that you had such a great trip – and relieved that Alwyn is okay following his accident too!


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