Too long.

I think I’ve been in this hospital too long.

Its come to the point where certain members of staff ( who’ve neither been paraplegic, nor had a background in extreme physical fitness nor an understanding of real ‘ core conditioning ‘ , nor are are particularly logical,  but are bound by hospital red tape ) are not  prepared to listen to someone who has  well thought out input in all of the above, having lived for many years in these environments, and whose fixation has already broken twice whilst here, and really can’t afford for it to happen again, having been rendered far more disabled than when he arrived here 8 weeks ago…..

Some folks really don’t like being ‘ challenged’  in areas where they are very protective of their ‘ authority ‘ .

Thats the same the world over though

I’m certainly ready to move to a more specialist , and more knowledgeable environment.

Just waiting for that  bed/ space to be available.



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