Today’s Walk

Russ looking healthier and stronger than he has for week with his cheeks healing well after his chemical skin peel…..The lovely lady is Sima, a former Opto student.  Apparently the nurses are rather intrigued by the number of hot babes visiting him! (They call him Hugh Hefner behind his back!)…

Russ’s view of the Shard today.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Walk

  1. You are looking great Russ. Wish I could pop over to see you. When I visit the UK next you will be top on my list. Great reading your blog, it’s an addiction!! Thinking of you always. Lots of love.


  2. Lovely smile Russikins! I’m staying away for the mo to give the rest of London a chance to get in the ‘queue’! But I will be back, do not fear and with the Baileys next time (if you’re still only allowed the thick stuff!)
    Love you loads, Chrissie Wissie xxx

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