Physio 10am – 150 semi sit up’s ,50  press up’ s and not falling off a plinth practice. 

Then John and Marta Barden treated me to a cheesy baked potato, plus their charming company. Thanks both. 🙂
1pm  I went to the Guttman Centre for 1 hour’s fitness followed by an hour of table tennis, then 2 hours of hockey. 
When I saw I had all that together I didn’t really think I’d get through it, after last week’s bleak fitness hour. 
However, it was easier AND good fun. 
The point is that through the distraction of sport, you get fitter, more adept in your wheelchair , better at controlling your sitting balance, and build camaraderie. 
The four hours passed pretty quickly to be honest, and I left feeling fairly energetic still… which means iv gotten fitter!
Today was the first time I’d EVER played hockey. All my life I’ve played sport on my own terms, which means not playing ones I’m not going to be reasonable  at. 
Hockey is one such sport , another is golf. Being thrown in today for 2 hours was fine though. In time I’ll get the core strength to play better, I know it. 
And it was a good laugh too, plus it didn’t seem to  matter who won. 
Pia then arrived on her weekly pilgrimage to SM and was her usual beautiful and charming self. She really is a diamond geezeress. 
I’m gonna start something on my blog:
Send me a picture of yourself about 20 yrs ago, and I’ll post it. 
Since a lot of you out there know eachother, it should be funny….
Tonight’s pic is the one you’ll have seen just before reading this!

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